It is with much regret & disappointment that we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel this year's edition of the Singletrack7.


Recent extensive forestry works at the venue have decimated the woodlands and the trails in them. Unfortunately there is no chance of being able to reinstate the trails in time for next month and we do not have enough time to find a suitable alternative venue.


All entrants will be emailed to see if they would like the option of a refund or to defer their entry to next year.


Thank you all for your understanding and for your support of the event.




Do you have a Cotswolds-based-MTB-XC-endurance-race-shaped-hole in late June this year?  Well, fear not, as this year we're delighted to announced that not only can we fill that gap for you by shifting Singletrack7 to the weekend of 23rd & 24th June but we also have a cracking new venue and have added in a flying-lap race for the Saturday evening to boot.

The feedback from the 2017 event was great and we're sure that the new course at Chavenage Estate in Tetbury (just a stone's throw away from Gatcombe Park) will tick all of your boxes for a belter of an event with a veritable bounty of new trails to race on.

7-hour mtb xc

endurance race

23 & 24.6.2018



Singletrack7 is a 7-hour long mountain bike cross country endurance race, with a super-snappy course packed full of a load of sweet flowing singletrack, mixed up with just about the right amount of climbing and descending to make for a corker of a ride to maximise the levels of both the colloquial 'shits & giggles'.  That sentence is quite a mouthful, but that should explain a lot about it!  Riders battle it out to complete as many laps of the course as they can within the 7 hour time limit.

The all new 7km course has been designed to be fast riding & engaging with a good mix of woodland singletrack, quick fireroads, testing little climbs & as many swoopy trails as possible. The course has been set up to be suitable for anyone that is at home on a mountain bike - plenty of fun stuff for more experienced riders yet nothing so technical that more novice riders can't get down safely.  

Categories - there are two main categories that you can enter; SOLO or PAIRS.  Those category names should also be pretty self explanatory but to clarify the SOLO category is for riders that are competing on their own (male or female).  The PAIRS category is for teams of two riding relay-style, so only one rider on course at a time.  Pairs categories are open for male, female & mixed teams.  All riders must be over the age of 16 on the day of the race.

How it Works - Once the race starts at 9:30am the aim is to complete as many laps as possible within the 7-hours. Any laps started before the 7 hours is up can be completed & will count.  Riders can take a break whenever they want but if they are completely spent before the time limit they can 'declare' but if they do so they can not go out for another lap.

Solo riders are permitted to leave the course where indicated after the start/finish arch if they need to take a break, get some food, fix a mechanical, etc.  They must however rejoin the course at the same designated point.  Exiting or joining the course at any other point will result in disqualification.  There will also be a large pit lane set out where solo riders are welcome to store spares, bottles & so on for quick access during the race (anything left in there is done so at the riders' own risk).  There is no parc-ferme (closed pit area) like we used to have in the past at previous incarnations of this event.

With the pairs you can only have one rider out on course at a time, so you'll be competing relay style.  There will be a hand over area after the start/finish arch where you can pass on your relay baton to the other half of your pair.  Each rider must complete a minimum of one lap each, beyond that the order & number of laps is entirely up to you.



We will get up some teasers of the new course at Chavenage shortly but for the time being here's a little video of last year's course to give you an idea of the style of thing to expect.

Chavenage is a private estate in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and thanks to the owners we have been granted permission to develop some trails in their extensive woodlands.  There's amazing rolling hills with a great variety of woods so we're really excited to get stuck in!


The postcode for Chavenage is GL8 8XP.  The event site will be sign posted from the junction on the A46 to make sure you go to the right part of the estate. 


Please note that this is a private estate and as such is not open to ride at any other time.  



Saturday 23rd June 2018

1500 Site open for competitors to arrive

1500-1800 Registration open

1500-1800 Course open for inspection

1800-1930 Flying lap race (riders set off at 1 minute intervals to complete a single lap as quickly as they can)

2200-0600 Quiet time on campsite (please be considerate to others)

Sunday 24th June 2018

0800-0915 Registration open

0915 Rider briefing

0930 Race start!... You're off

1630 Race finish - all riders to complete the lap they're on

1730approx Prize giving - All riders please stay to show appreciation of the winners & stick around as there's a chance for everyone to win something!

1800 Pack up and clear off...  Ain't you got homes to go to?



Get all clicky on this link to enter the 2018 Singletrack7!



We have set the entry fees at just £30 for a solo entry & £45 for a pair which we hope you will agree represents some great value racing.  To enter the Flying Lap race is an additional £5 per rider. Please note that there is a small booking fee on top of these prices.  In addition to the race itself your entry fee includes;

  • Camping for you & your supporters

  • Full marked course

  • First aid

  • Trophies for the top three in each category

  • Spot prizes and maybe a 'race number raffle' so everyone stands a chance to win big!

  • On site catering

  • Bike wash facilities

  • Online results

  • Banter/Pro-Hecklers


Living up to its name the inaugural Singletrack7 had singletrack, and it was raced upon for 7hours.  There was also plenty of sunshine, laughs, 100 pints of mid-race beer drunk & over 2200 laps ridden.  


We'd really like to thank all that came along and took part.  There's always room for improvement and we want to make things bigger & better for 2018 so do please feel free to contact us with your comments.

Also, a massive thanks to everyone behind the scenes that made this event come off - first & foremost, the legendary guys at Singletrackworld.com & Grit.cx, followed in no particular order by Fenwicks, OTE Sports, Big Bobblehats, Cyclestore.co.uk, Trailmaps.co.uk, our team, Ultramedix, the Catton Hall estate & anyone I've forgotten in my haste to update this website.



Grab a brew and a biscuit then take a couple of minutes to watch Singletrack's little vid from the event and read their race report.



All the images below are from Dan Randon's fine gallery of professional images from the event.  Have a look through the full gallery on his website & please buy some as all profits are going to charity.

Singletrack 7-029-(ZF-4510-21865-1-004)
Singletrack 7-816-(ZF-4510-21865-1-012)
Singletrack 7-1034-(ZF-4510-21865-1-016)
Singletrack 7-1256-(ZF-4510-21865-1-019)
Singletrack 7-1866-(ZF-4510-21865-1-022)
Singletrack 7-738-(ZF-4510-21865-1-009)
Singletrack 7-793-(ZF-4510-21865-1-010)
Singletrack 7-873-(ZF-4510-21865-1-013)


2017 Results

The dust has settled, the foam has gone away & we've had a chance to scan over the numbers, so here are the provisional results.  Any queries please email us on info@fulcrum-events.co.uk



Do I need a BC race licence?

No, this is not necessary for this event.

How long is the lap?

The course will be approximately 7km in length.  We will post more details of the course closer to the event itself with finer details of what to expect.

Is this a parc-ferme?

No, riders are able to leave and rejoin the course at a specific point in order to get food, take a breather  and sort out mechanicals.  With the old event (Enduro6) riders had to put all their spares and supplies into a pit area that was locked down for the duration of the race, that isn't the case with Singletrack7.

Is there camping?

Camping is available free of charge to all competitors on the Saturday night, but there are no campsite facilities other than water & portaloos.  We will not be having any shower blocks at this event... So stock up on baby wipes!

What bike can I race on?

Singletrack Seven is a mountain bike race so you're free to compete on any mountain bike.  The exceptions are that you cannot compete on an E-bike or a tandem.



We're always grateful of any help with marshalling at events.  If you would like to spend the day in the woods hurling encouragement/abuse (delete as appropriate) at our competitors we'd love to hear from you.  We'll make sure that you are fed & watered throughout the event.  If you can help please get in touch below.